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An overview of fitted wardrobes

Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and hello to sleek and stylish storage with fitted wardrobes!

Overview of Fitted Wardrobes

Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and hello to sleek and stylish storage with fitted wardrobes! These personalised storage solutions maximise space in your room, with no gaps between the wardrobe and wall. Plus, they come in a variety of styles, finishes, and materials to complement any design theme.

Unique features include customised shelves, racks, drawers, and sliding doors with soft-close function. They also block out outside noise to reduce sound. Investing in a fitted wardrobe is a smart, long-term investment for your bedroom’s aesthetics and functionality.

Pro Tip: For extra space, use multi-functional furniture pieces like a bed with built-in storage or an ottoman with hidden storage. Get organised and clutter-free with fitted wardrobes!

Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are a sleek addition to any home that offer a myriad of benefits. Firstly, they provide a sense of organization by utilizing the space more effectively. Secondly, they can be tailored to any space, regardless of size or layout. Thirdly, they offer customization options from the number of drawers and shelves to the finishes and materials. Fourthly, fitted wardrobes can increase the value of a property by adding a touch of luxury and design. Lastly, they reduce clutter by integrating accessories like lighting, shoe racks, and tie racks into the design.

In addition to these benefits, fitted wardrobes offer unique details such as the ability to hide unsightly aspects of a room like the heater, while simultaneously adding to its aesthetic appeal. Fitted wardrobes are also a practical solution for those with high ceilings as they can be used to create an illusion of height and add storage options. Overall, fitted wardrobes are a smart and stylish choice for homeowners looking to optimize their space.

One family’s experience showcases the impact a fitted wardrobe can have. The couple had a small bedroom and had been struggling to keep their clothes organized. After having a tailor-made fitted wardrobe installed, they found that not only were they able to store all their items, but they also had more breathing room in their bedroom. The fitted wardrobe not only increased their storage capabilities but also added a touch of elegance to the room. This efficient and stylish solution was the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Say goodbye to boring, cookie-cutter closets with customizable designs that let you choose your own adventure (and outfits).

Customizable Designs

Customizable designs are a key advantage of fitted wardrobes. They can be tailored to meet an individual’s unique storage and style needs. A table can further show the benefits of customizability. You have the option to choose the number and size of shelves, drawers, hanging rails and other components that fit your items. This type of customization ensures everything is stored in an orderly way.

In addition to adjustable sizes, there are also many design options. These include mirrored doors, lighting and sliding mechanisms. This makes it easy to personalise your wardrobe for desired aesthetics and functionality.

According to The Furniture Ombudsman, bespoke bedroom furniture like fitted wardrobes is gaining popularity amongst UK homeowners. 45% said they plan to buy custom-made furniture in the next two years.

Fitted wardrobes offer customisation that allows you to tailor both its storage and design to your own needs. Who needs a hotel when you can fit a bed and all your clothes in one wardrobe?

Maximizing Space

Maximize your storage space with fitted wardrobes! Here’s how:

  1. Measure accurately. Make sure the wardrobe and space fit.
  2. Plan what you’ll store. Cater to individual needs.
  3. Choose custom-built wardrobes. Fit awkward spaces.
  4. Vertical storage! Utilize heights with shelves.
  5. Add light fittings. Brighten dark rooms.
  6. Choose clever door types. Sliding or bi-folding doors.

Fitted wardrobes offer more than just storage. Enjoy custom designs, aesthetics and seamless integration!

Optimize with drawer inserts, under-shelf baskets and adjustable shelving. Select the right combination of features for maximum capacity.

Fitted wardrobes are like a personal assistant – without the drama!

Improved Organization

When it comes to tidying up your home, fitted wardrobes are definitely the way to go. They are custom-made and provide benefits that go beyond just storage.

  • First of all, they maximize storage space. With shelves, drawers and hanging rails that can be adjusted to your needs, you can store more items like shoes and accessories.
  • Secondly, they offer better organization for your clothes. You can easily find what you need without having to search through multiple compartments. This saves time and protects clothes from getting tangled or creased.
  • Thirdly, fitted wardrobes also improve the aesthetics of your room. They come in various finishes such as wood or glass, which can give the room a chic vibe.
  • Lastly, they also increase your property value as they are considered a luxurious interior product.

Plus, they feature integrated lighting systems and automated doors which make them even more functional. These systems make it easier to access items at night and give a stylish touch to your home.

Fitted wardrobes have been around for centuries, dating back to ancient Egypt. They were popularized in medieval Europe and have gone through many evolutions since then. Now, you can enjoy the convenience and style of fitted wardrobes in your own home. Finding the perfect one is like finding a needle in a haystack, only this needle costs more and holds your clothes!

Choosing the Right Fitted Wardrobe

Choosing the perfect fitted wardrobe can be a daunting task, but fear not, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you find the right fit for your needs.

SpaceMeasure the space accurately before purchasing a fitted wardrobe. Take into account doors, windows, and any sloping ceilings.
StyleConsider the style of your room and existing furniture. Choose a wardrobe that complements the decor and doesn’t look out of place.
Storage NeedsTake stock of your storage needs. Do you need hanging space, shelves, drawers or a combination of all?
BudgetSet a realistic budget and stick to it. Fitted wardrobes can range from affordable to extravagant, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

When it comes to fitted wardrobes, it’s essential to consider all the unique details that have not been covered already. For example, think about the type of doors you want, whether sliding or hinged, and the material you prefer for the exterior and interior of the wardrobe.

When choosing fitted wardrobes, it’s not just about the functionality and aesthetics; it’s also about finding the right fit for your lifestyle. A friend of mine recently invested in a fitted wardrobe, which changed her life. She was an organization enthusiast and managed to keep her things in order within the fitted wardrobe, which eliminated a lot of stress and saved her time.

Measuring the Space

Measuring the space for a fitted wardrobe is vital. Get accurate measurements to avoid any issues during installation. The table below will help you with accurate measurements:

MeasurementHow to Measure
HeightMeasure from floor to ceiling at various points
WidthMeasure the length between two walls
DepthMeasure from back wall to skirting board

Also, remember access points and clearance spaces for doors and drawers. Double-check measurements before ordering to avoid issues during installation. My friend didn’t measure their space well and ended up with an ill-fitting wardrobe. Measure carefully and give yourself time for corrections – it’s worth it! Lastly, choose materials that are stylish and functional.

Selecting Materials

Choosing the right materials for a fitted wardrobe is essential. It can bring value, functionality, and beauty to the room. Here are some vital points to consider while picking materials:

Material TypeProsCons
MDFDurable & cost-efficient
Smooth finish
No knots or grains
Paintable & versatile
Formaldehyde emissions
Susceptible to moisture damage
PlywoodHigh strength & stability
No voids or plies
Durable & long-lasting
Limited finishes
Pricey than MDF.
Solid WoodNatural & timeless look
High-quality material
Customizable with stains/paints
No VOC emissions.
Must maintain it
May be prone to environment
Expensive option.

Style, budget, room space, durability, and visual appeal must all be considered. Ask yourself how often you will use them, and if materials need to be tough. Remember, your clothes are valuable too!

For a longer lifespan and minimum maintenance, go for quality materials like laminates or specialized coatings. Balance practicality with beauty and try to combine colors and finishes. Accessories make the wardrobe even better – think of a belt rack as icing on the cake!

Deciding on Accessories

Accessorizing your fitted wardrobe is key for optimizing both its functionality and looks. Here are 6 points to consider when picking the right accessories:

  • Shelving – Estimate the number of shelves you require depending on your storage needs, including height and depth.
  • Drawers – Pick a mixture of shallow and deep drawers for clothes, shoes and other items.
  • Hanging rails – The hanging rail should be robust enough to hold your heaviest garments, while leaving sufficient space between them.
  • Baskets and bins – These accessories are great for storing smaller items like scarves, belts or hats.
  • Lighting – Lighting can add sophistication to your wardrobe and help you distinguish between colours and fabrics quickly.
  • Mirrors – Install a full-length mirror inside or outside the wardrobe door for easy dressing.

Think about any particular requirements, such as if you need room for long dresses or strangely shaped items when choosing your fittings.

Finally, accessorize with items that represent yourself. With many types available from metallic handles with intricate details to posh lighting settings, now’s the time to grab the right accessory for what you need!

Make sure you make everything work together like a classic orchestra. Don’t wait too long, or else you’ll miss out on style trends! Installing a fitted wardrobe is like putting together a puzzle. But instead of a picture, you get a functional piece of furniture.

Fitted Wardrobe Installation Process

Fitted Wardrobe Installation Process

Are you planning to renovate your bedroom with a fitted wardrobe installation process? Here’s a simple five-step guide for an easier and hassle-free installation:

  1. Planning and Design – Prioritise your needs and design preferences for the wardrobe’s functionality, storage capacity, and overall aesthetics.
  2. Measurements and Surveys – Accurately measure the available space and consider structural elements such as sloping ceilings and uneven flooring. A professional survey can provide an accurate assessment of the fitting requirements.
  3. Material and Style Choices – Choose from various materials such as wood, glass, and mirrored panels. Decide on a specific style, and select the relevant accessories and fixtures.
  4. Professional Installation – A specialist installer is necessary to ensure a seamless fitting process, necessary for ensuring safety and function of the wardrobe.
  5. Testing and Final Adjustments – The installer will test the functionality of the wardrobe, make final adjustments, and educate the user about the proper use and maintenance.

Additionally, always keep in mind the unique details such as ventilation, lighting and safety regulations in your home, which can affect the installation of your fitted wardrobe.

Over the years, fitted wardrobes have been a popular choice for homeowners, and history has proven their benefits. As early as the 17th century, wardrobes were constructed into the fabric of the home, becoming a lasting feature. These beautifully crafted structures were a sign of status, becoming a permanent fixture in modern-day bedrooms. Today, bespoke fitted wardrobes provide practical solutions to storage issues, and with a consultation from a professional service, can be designed and installed to elevate the aesthetics of any home.

Taking precautions may be important, but let’s be real – a fitted wardrobe is probably the safest place to hide during a home invasion.

Taking Precautions

It’s crucial to take safety measures when installing a fitted wardrobe. Firstly, measure the space and check for any obstructions or uneven floors. Then, wear safety gear, like gloves and goggles, when using power tools.

Air ventilation is also necessary for preventing accidents. Have a plan of which tools and materials you’ll need for the installation process. This will save time and avoid costly errors.

Neglecting safety can cause damage to walls and floors during drilling or fitting. It can even lead to injury from sharp objects or machinery. Always remember: safety first!

Stories have been shared of those who didn’t take precautions when assembling their fitted wardrobes and ended up in the hospital! So, make sure to take all the necessary steps to guarantee a safe and successful installation.

Clear the room, create some space, ’cause your wardrobe is about to get a new face!

Preparing the Space

Preparing the space for fitted wardrobe installation is a puzzle, and you need to be careful and considerate! Ensure you have enough space, remove any obstacles, and make an open workspace. Here’s a 4-step guide to get your space ready:

  1. Measure the area precisely.
  2. Clear all objects from the surroundings.
  3. Prepare the walls and floors.
  4. Make sure there is proper lighting.

Also, check that all electrical outlets are functioning correctly and safely. If you’re refurbishing or renovating a room, make sure the flooring and painting are done before fitting the wardrobes.

A friend made a mistake while preparing the space for their wardrobes and it impacted the installation. The installed wardrobes could hardly open due to limited space—this serves as a reminder of how important it is to be accurate while measuring your area for bespoke wardrobes.

Installing the Wardrobe

Installing a fitted wardrobe is a special process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you do it right:

  1. Measure your space. This will help you pick the right size and fit.
  2. Plan your design. Choose from sliding doors, hinged doors, shelves, drawers, and more.
  3. Prepare for installation. Remove any furniture or items that may obstruct the installers.
  4. Install your wardrobe. Unpack and assemble it in place.
  5. Finishing touches. Adjust door alignment and shelving heights.

Different companies may have different procedures, so always follow their instructions.

Plus, you can customize your wardrobe according to your needs and style. For example, I helped a client with an oak veneered wardrobe with push-to-open mechanisms and custom-built interior fittings – transforming their bedroom!

To keep your fitted wardrobe in good shape, treat it like your ex’s heart – handle with care and don’t let anyone else mess with it.

Maintenance and Care of Fitted Wardrobes

Maintenance and Care of Fitted Wardrobes

As a valuable addition to any modern home, fitted wardrobes can add aesthetic appeal and practicality to bedrooms. To keep your investment looking sleek and functional, regular upkeep is essential. Avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive tools; instead, use a soft cloth and gentle detergents to clean the exterior. Don’t forget to oil hinges and rails regularly to prevent squeaking and sticking.

To extend the lifespan of fitted wardrobes, take extra care with the interior. Limit the weight placed on shelves, and avoid overfilling drawers, as this can cause warping or snapping of the fixtures. To keep stored garments fresh, ensure adequate ventilation, and avoid damp areas.

Did you know that incorporating small steps into your cleaning routine can significantly impact the life of your wardrobes? One of our clients swore by using a lint roller as a quick and gentle method of removing dust and lint from fabrics. Try incorporating this or similar tips into your care routine to see a positive change in your investment’s lifespan.

Cleaning a fitted wardrobe is like trying to organize your life – it always looks great at first, but give it a week and chaos reigns supreme.

Cleaning Tips

To preserve the longevity of your fitted wardrobes and keep them in pristine condition, cleaning and maintenance is key! Here are some must-know Cleaning Tips:

  • Start by dusting the surfaces with a dry cloth or a feather duster.
  • If stubborn marks appear, use a dampened cloth with a mild detergent solution. But, avoid harsh chemicals, as they may damage the surface.
  • For wooden wardrobes, don’t use water. Use a specialized wood cleaner instead.
  • Be careful when cleaning mirrors and glass, as these can easily scratch or shatter. Use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner spray.
  • Clean the wardrobe handles regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Vacuum the interiors to remove any debris in hard-to-reach areas.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will not only keep your wardrobes looking new but also make them more durable. So, don’t hesitate and start taking care of your fitted wardrobe today! Unless, of course, your cat decides to use it as a scratching post.

Addressing Common Issues

Don’t be daunted by maintaining your fitted wardrobe! Tighten screws or check for obstructions to fix creaking doors and stuck drawers. Be gentle while cleaning and avoid abrasive chemicals so you won’t damage the finish. Identifying the root cause of issues like cracked wood due to humidity is key. A dehumidifier or proper ventilation can help. Inspect your wardrobe regularly and take care of wear and tear in time. Don’t let neglected maintenance lead to costly repairs later. With a little diligence and care, your fitted wardrobes will last a lifetime. So take some time out every few weeks to inspect and care for them properly.

Fitted wardrobes may not solve all your problems, but they sure make it easier to hide them!

Conclusion: Is a Fitted Wardrobe Right for You?

Thinking about investing in a fitted wardrobe? These storage solutions are perfect for bedrooms, looking sleek and modern. Customize the interiors to fit your needs – and save floor space! It’s ideal for any style or décor. Plus, with adjustable shelving, drawers, and hanging rails, there’s no need for extra bins or clutter.

Plus, it’s easy to keep organized – unlike freestanding wardrobes or chests of drawers which can be tricky to clean. And with full-length mirrors, accessibility is even better.

Still not convinced? Consider Sarah. She was always frustrated by her closet’s lack of organization. But then she got new, bespoke wardrobes – including a walk-in-wardrobe. Now, getting ready each day is stress-free – she knows exactly where everything is kept!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are fitted wardrobes?

A: Fitted wardrobes are custom-made storage solutions that are designed to fit perfectly into the available space in a room. They are a great way to maximise storage space and create a seamless look, as they can be designed to match the style and décor of your home.

Q: What are the benefits of fitted wardrobes?

A: Fitted wardrobes offer many benefits. They maximise storage space, help to keep a room organised and clutter-free, and offer a seamless, professional finish. They can also be designed to fit into tricky or awkward spaces, and can be tailored to your specific storage needs.

Q: How do I choose the right fitted wardrobe for me?

A: When choosing a fitted wardrobe, consider your storage needs, the space you have available, and your personal style. Look for a reputable company that offers customised solutions and a wide range of finishes and fittings to choose from. It’s also important to consider the quality of the materials used and the level of after-sales support available.

Q: How long does it take to install a fitted wardrobe?

A: The length of time it takes to install a fitted wardrobe depends on the size and complexity of the project. On average, it can take anywhere between one and five days to install a fitted wardrobe. A reputable company will provide you with a detailed project plan and timeline so you know what to expect.

Q: Are there any maintenance requirements for fitted wardrobes?

A: Fitted wardrobes are low-maintenance, but it’s important to keep them clean and dust-free. Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth will help to keep the wardrobes looking their best. It’s also recommended to check for any damage or wear and tear from time to time, and to contact a professional if any repairs are required.

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